Hello again world!

My WordPress server (aka, Rasberry Pi), stopped working. Apparently the SD card reader decided it didn’t want to read anymore – not unlike a lot of people. Sigh. So after dicking around with it for a week, I gave up on trying to get it to read my stuff – as I have with a lot of people. Sigh. Went out and bought me a new Pi with a functioning reader. And now, in a desperate bid to acquire more functioning readers, I will be posting a bunch of my work here under CC licenses in the coming weeks….just as I did on my old site, which attracted no new readers. But, hey, you know me, ever the eternal optimist!

6 thoughts on “Hello again world!

  1. I’d hoped to keep the level of discourse here somewhat above the unseemly fray of the Internet. So much for that, you fucking knuckle head.

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