The ChiZine Shitshow….

A few people, knowing my history and (one time) friendship with Brett and Sandra, have asked me to weigh in on the ChiZine shitshow. So here’s what I have to say…

Having read several of the posts on Facebook, as well as Chizine’s response, it all sounds sadly familiar. And none of the backlash surprises me – except for the wow-oh-wow fucking scope of it all. I’ve been at the shit end of the stick with them ever since our relationship blew up when I withdrew my last book in Jan of 2018. My reasons for doing so were both  personal and professional. Leaving the personal reasons aside, they hadn’t given me a royalty statement or payment in three years, to say nothing of the reserves against returns they withheld, some up to 5 years after they were due. Moreover, their support of my last book was, to say the least, underwhelming. To be fair, however, most of the money owing (as well as questions of rights) has been settled since, although not without a long and frustrating back and forth which included personal attacks on me. In the few years before I severed ties with them, several other authors had complained to me about their late/non-existent royalties and/or the way they’d been treated. When this first started happening, I generally defended Chizine. But, when it became clear this wasn’t just a few isolated cases, I gave up on trying to defend the indefensible, and my advice to other authors became, “They produce a good-looking product, but be aware of what you’re getting into.” I’ve always prided myself on being honest with people – at least those worth it – and my one big regret is that I wasn’t more forthright with Sandra and Brett about my grievances, as well those of others, before things went so far south there was no point in talking anymore.

Not much more to say, except I’d been loathe to pile on (for sundry and conflicting reasons). And, yes, I wish there was a path back for Chizine publications. But if there is, I can’t see it….