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In the beginning . . . the Church ruled all the Spheres of the Apostles. But that was millennia ago, before the origins of this massive, artificial realm were forgotten. Now, drought, plague, and war afflict the Spheres that make up the world of Man, fragmenting society into antagonistic sects that carry out ruthless pogroms. A young orphan, Thomas, is thrust into the midst of this upheaval and embarks on a journey to the highest of all Spheres, Heaven. As he struggles through his chaotic, crumbling world, Thomas witnesses cruelty and violence beyond measure—and chances upon unexpected moments of courage and self-sacrifice. In this turmoil, his belief becomes doubt as he is forced to make soul-rending choices between what his faith tells him he should do, and what he must do to survive. The Book of Thomas: Heaven is the unflinching, deeply affecting tale of the battle that reason and religion wage for a boy’s soul.

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“As Thomas makes his way through the world [in The Book of Thomas], his backstory is gradually revealed, adding richness and somberness to a dark novel that is reminiscent of Walter M. Miller Jr.’s classic A Canticle for Leibowitz.”
Library Journal

The Book of Thomas may be downloaded under a Creative Commons license by clicking on the links on the right.

Chizine Publications, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-927469-27-9
eISBN: 978-1-927469-28-6

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