Page of Free SF/F/H

Of course, there’s my stuff on this very website….then there’s all this free SF (note this is a work in progress):

Free SF Books From People I know:

Other Free Audiobooks/ebooks

  • LibriVox – Free public domain audiobooks.
  • The Educational Audio & Video Library | Open Culture – Free audio books and ebooks.
  • Project Gutenberg – SF Bookshelf link above, but Gutenberg has lots of other free books and audiobooks. I’ve downloaded classic audio books, like The Marvellous Land of Oz (a strange and wondrous book with a suicidal couch, an all girl Army of Revolt, and a gender-bent protagonist).
  • Wikibooks – like Wikipedia, but for books! Mostly non-fiction. You can read books, create books, fill in gaps in existing books, edit books, etc. (I modified a few things in a technical book that were in error). In principle, I like this a lot, but I’ve found it useful only once or twice. Comes with the usual Wikipedia proviso regarding accuracy/completeness.