I Writed Another Book!

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After many years of fruitful procrastination, I’m proud to announce the release of the third and final Volume in The One Book series: The Book of the Created. My wife, she says she likes the new book. And she’s better at judging my work than I am, so you should listen to her and buy it. The Book of the Created is available for purchase as a paperback or ebook at the finest of online retailers.

I also mashed all three volumes into one giant book (for those who might want to have all three in one convenient edition) aptly titled The One Book, and have released it in both ebook and paperback formats:

For the curious bibliophile, a note on the previous volumes in the series: the first, The Book of Thomas, was published in 2012, followed by the second, The Book of David, in 2015. Before I completed The Book of the Created, I decided, for a number of reasons (which you can ask me about privately and at your own risk), to part ways with my publisher. I requested they void the contract for the third volume and return the rights for my previous four books, which they (eventually) did. Thus, the first two volumes of this series are now out of print. However, and to your great good luck, the ebook versions, as well as my other two books, Horror Story and Other Horror Stories and Nexus: Ascension, are still available under Creative Commons licenses. You can find download links on their respective book pages. And for those of you who would prefer Chizine-free editions of the first two volumes in the series, or insist on paying me for my work, I’ve re-released slightly revised ebook versions (with brand new covers) which can be purchased at various online retailers by clicking the buttons on those same pages.

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