Book of the Created image

Choleric Press, 2021
Trade ISBN: 9781777554200
eISBN: 9781777554224

And so they departed, bound for the realms of Hell, while behind them Rome burnt. In The Book of the Created, the third volume of The One Book series, David continues his journey to the lowest Spheres of Man to heal the world. Accompanying him are three companions: Sister Angelina, an Advocatus Dei for his canonization; the created man, an artificial being who serves as a catharsist; and the lieutenant, an unbeliever and David’s reluctant protector. Torn between his love for his companions and his vow to the Angels, David is forced to confront the unquestioned assumptions he holds about his world – and to make a series of gut-wrenching decisions that affect not only their fate, but the fate of every living soul in the Spheres of the Apostles.

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Theology and hard-sf mix it up in perhaps the most haunting, elegantly-rendered pocket universe I’ve ever encountered. Brilliantly thought out and brilliantly written. I want to invoke the works of Gene Wolfe, of Walter M. Miller Jr …. but it would be a disservice to compare Boyczuk to a bunch of dead old white men. Boyczuk isn’t dead yet.”

Peter Watts, author of the Rifters trilogy and the Firefall series