Love and loss are the two prevailing themes in this gripping short story collection, featuring 19 tales-four of which are original to this collection: “When Fat Men Love Thin Women,” “The Death Artist,” “The Uncertainty Principle,” “Monster.” The rest of the stories appeared in such publications as On Spec, TransVersions, Prairie Fire, Northern Frights, Dark Planet, Descant, ChiZine, and the Tesseracts and Queer Fear anthology series.

Alas, Horror Story and Other Horror Stories is out of print but a trade paperback can be purchased as a used book on Amazon and on various other sites. The ebook may be downloaded under a Creative Commons license by clicking on the link under the cover image. If you enjoyed the book (or just feel guilty about getting something for free), consider bribing me to write more:

“Boyczuk has a real knack for creepy, Twilight Zone-style atmospherics….(His) stories all have a twist-a turn of the screw-that breathes new life into some of the old forms and results in fiction as clever as it is entertaining.”
“Boyczuk’s memorable debut offers 19 horror stories that accentuate the emotional – and often horrid – upheavals men and women suffer from while searching for love. Boyczuk’s stories are uniformly excellent….”

“Boyczuk builds up his hauntings and often gruesome metaphors and imagery from the base of his stories’ human relationships, which imbues his fiction with an uncanniness that mimics the feeling of being trapped in a maze-like dream. Readers need not worry, however. The horror here is very real-Boyczuk just wants you to have a little fun finding it.”

—James Grainger, Rue Morgue Magazine

“Robert Boyczuk is a supremely talented writer.”

—Cory Doctorow

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