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Choleric Press, 2020
eISBN: 978-1393788508

In Heaven above, God wept for his children, while his Angels burnt and fell to earth. Thus, the artificial world known as the Spheres of the Apostles is dying. In an attempt to wrest scarce resources from the Angels, the Papacy has declared war on Lower Heaven, while below, an army of the poor and dispossessed gathers, readying to march on Rome. At the behest of the Archangel Zeracheil, Thomas, who takes the name of David, descends into this chaos, his only solace a book that contains all the stories ever written. Accompanied by his unborn son, who speaks to him through drug-induced visions, and a Catharsist, an artificial man with a soul, Thomas begins his journey to Hell, in the hope that he might staunch the flow of God’s blood, and, in doing so, redeem the human Spheres.

Since my publisher imploded, the trade paperback of The Book of David, the second volume of the One Book series, has gone out print but can still be found as a used book on several different retail websites. I’ve also released a new edition of the ebook with a few minor edits and a new cover. Click the button below for direct links to my book at several ebook retailers:

“In a novel that dedicates so much of its efforts to framing a larger tale, the simplest benchmark for success is a reader’s desire to keep reading after the last page. To Robert Boyczuk I now say, I want more!

Adam Shaftoe,

The Book of David is an odyssey through realms of science fiction, fantasy, and sheer mind-bending madness. Robert Boyczuk has crafted an epic. Creation mythology and dystopian fiction might not ever be the same after this collision.”

Laird Barron, author of Occultation and The Imago Sequence